Questions to Ask When Vetting a Moving Company

When you want a move to go well, it’s important to have a trusted moving company at your side. Unfortunately, not all movers in Minnesota are reputable. Some of them are inexperienced and some of them are downright untrustworthy. To make sure your valuables will be safely transported to your new home, it’s important to carefully vet the moving company that you’ll be working with.

Are you unsure what to ask professional movers to determine if they can be trusted? Here are a few good questions to ask before hiring a moving company.


5 Important Questions to Ask a Moving Company

1. Is your moving company licensed and insured?

Any legitimate moving company in Minnesota will be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If movers are not FMCSA licensed, it’s likely they’re scammers or total novices, and they should be avoided either way. It’s also important for a moving company to offer insurance coverage for your valuables in case they are damaged, lost or stolen in transit. Different movers offer different levels of insurance coverage, so you may want to ask a few companies to find the best deal.

2. How long has your moving company been in business?

As in most industries, it’s generally safe to assume that a company that has been in business for a long period of time offers good services. This isn’t to say that a newer moving company won’t do a good job; everyone has to start somewhere, after all. But if you want to ensure you’re working with experienced professional movers, you should find a moving company that’s been operational in Minnesota for at least five years.

3. Does your moving company provide all the services I need?

The most barebones moving companies may simply load your boxed possessions in their truck, drive them to your new home, and then unload them. Depending on your specific needs, that might suit you just fine. However, if you’re looking for more comprehensive moving services, it’s important to ask about them. Specialty services such as packing belongings in boxes, assembling and disassembling furniture, and transporting large items like grills and pianos may or may not be offered by a moving company.

4. Will there be any hidden fees or extra charges?

Some disreputable moving companies will quote you a low price for their services, then suddenly demand more when moving day arrives. After receiving an estimate from a moving company, make sure to ask if there will be any additional charges or other hidden fees down the line. Finding out exactly how much you’ll be paying in advance can save you from being charged an unexpectedly exorbitant amount.

5. What are your payment options?

It’s never wise to assume that a moving company in Minnesota will accept all forms of payment. Most people prefer to pay for moving expenses using a credit card, but not all professional movers will accept credit. Some may not accept payment by check, either. Many moving companies prefer to be paid in cash and they may even offer a discount on their services for a cash payment. Asking about payment options right away can save you from a headache later on.


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