Looking for some quick answers to keep your move running smooth? Check out these common questions for additional help along the way.

How far out do I need to book my move in advance?

There is no set time to book in advance, but please try to schedule as far out as possible so we’re able to secure you a spot in our calendar, as we do have a busy schedule with varying availability.

Do you offer packing services?

Yes! Metro Movers will safely and efficiently pack up your belongings into boxes and get them ready to be moved! Call now for a free quote today.

How much do Metro Movers services cost?

This will depend mostly on the service being performed. The quote varies depending on the amount of items being moved, the distance from the front door to the truck, and the time it takes to move said items. Feel free to reach out for a FREE quote on your move.

What’s the best way to get in contact with someone about scheduling or get a quote?

The best way to get in contact with us is by referring to the CONTACT US section and fill out your information. A member of our team will usually get back to you within one business day.

Are there any hidden fees?

Unlike the other guys, Metro Movers do NOT tack on any hidden fees after the fact.

Will Metro Movers supply boxes for my move?

Yes! Metro Movers will supply boxes varying in sizes upon request. Please call in advance before the move for these boxes.

What will Metro Movers NOT transport on their trucks?

Metro Movers does not transport any chemicals, propane tanks, or equipment that has gasoline in it e.g. (lawn mowers, snow blowers) Please make sure your belongings that need to be transported have no gasoline in them. Our movers will be happy to load up your vehicle with said chemicals & propane tanks that cannot be transported on our trucks.
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