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Do you need help with long-distance residential moving in the Twin Cities?

If you are planning to move away from the Twin Cities, you should work with an affordable and high-quality moving team for the most efficient and secure long-distance moving services. When you work with a trusted moving company, all of your possessions from your silverware to your sectional couch will be moved safely without requiring you to strain your body or worry about driving a clunky rental truck.

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We are Metro Movers, and we believe in providing our clients with high-grade, low-cost long distance moving services. We always perform our moving services with integrity and full accountability. When we are in charge of helping you move from Minneapolis or St. Paul, we take it very seriously. We take extreme care to ensure your belongings stay safe from loading to unloading. 

    At Metro Movers, we treat every moving job as if we’re moving our own possessions. We are highly experienced and able to properly secure all of your belongings in the Twin Cities so they are safe for your long-distance relocation. We know you need to get your move done correctly without wasting valuable time and money, so our rates are highly competitive and we’ll never surprise you with hidden fees.

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    If you are stressing about the logistics of your upcoming long-distance move, look no further than our team for the best solutions. Get in touch with Metro Movers today for the most effective long-distance residential moving services in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area!

    Long Distance Moving FAQ's

    As you’re planning your upcoming move to a new home and looking into professional moving companies to work with, you may notice that a distinction is commonly made between local and long distance moving services. This may lead you to wonder what is considered a long distance move. As a general rule of thumb, any move that takes you out of state will be considered a long distance move but the exact definition of what counts as “long distance” may vary based on who you ask.

    A move of 400 miles or more will always be considered long distance, but some moving companies may consider a move of over 100 miles, or even over 50 miles, a long distance move. For residents of the Twin Cities metro area, a move to another city within the metro can safely be regarded as a local move. Moving to other cities in Minnesota that are beyond the metro, such as St. Cloud, Rochester and Duluth, may count as a long distance move.

    Of course, not every long distance move is created equal. Moving from the Twin Cities to either Chicago or New York would be considered a long distance move. However, a move to Chicago is a 1-2 day affair, whereas a move to New York will take a minimum of 4 days, and likely be much more costly.

    If you’re planning a move beyond the greater metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, ask your chosen moving company what counts as a long distance move and what the difference in pricing might look like. Contact Metro Movers today if you’d like to learn more about our long distance moving services!

    Moving can be an expensive process, particularly if your new home is located across state lines. When moving companies need to transport your belongings to another state, their expenses for fuel and other resources will be much higher, hence the inflated cost of interstate moving services. How much a state to state move will cost varies based on several factors, including:

    • The distance of the move. If you’re moving out of Minnesota, a move to Wisconsin or Iowa will be much cheaper than a move to the Northeast or California. That’s because a move to a neighboring state can be accomplished in a day or two, while a move to a state on the other side of the country will take several days, resulting in substantial expenses.
    • How many belongings you have. If all of your belongings can comfortably fit on one moving truck, your costs will be significantly lower than if you have to pay for two moving trucks to transport your possessions across state lines.
    • What time of year you’re moving. Summer is the most popular time of year to move, resulting in moving companies being more booked and moves costing more during these months. Avoid moving between May and September if you want a cheaper interstate move.

    If you want to learn how much your planned interstate move will cost, give Metro Movers a call today to request a quote!

    Planning a move can be a complicated process, especially if it’s a long distance move taking you out of state, possibly even cross-country. To make sure your big move goes smoothly, it’s important to plan it out, step-by-step. Here’s what you should do in preparation for a long distance move:

    1. Set a moving date and create a timeline leading up to it. This will help you organize tasks and stay on track as you organize all the moving parts involved in an interstate move.
    2. Research local moving companies in the Twin Cities metro. Get quotes from several moving companies and read reviews to help you choose a reputable team of movers. Book your movers well in advance, especially if you’re moving during summer, which is the busy season for movers.
    3. Go through your belongings and decide if there’s anything you want to donate or throw away. This will reduce the amount of stuff you need to move and could save you money on long distance moving costs.
    4. Stock up on packing materials such as moving boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap. You can often find these items for free or purchase them cheaply from local stores or online. Alternatively, your Twin Cities moving company may provide these items for you if they’re performing packing services.
      1. Begin packing belongings that you don’t need to use as soon as possible to avoid last-minute stress. Label each box with its contents and the room it belongs in to make unpacking easier. If your movers are providing packing services, you can hold off on packing, but you may still want to pack some of your precious valuables yourself. It’s also good practice to keep a box of essentials that you’ll need as soon as you arrive at your new home.

      If the time has come to begin planning for your move, contact Metro Movers today to learn more about our long distance moving services in the Twin Cities metro area!