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Affordable & Convenient Packing Solutions

One of the most crucial steps in preparing for a move is packing all of your belongings. This process can be challenging, since some items are fragile, some are heavy, and some are ungainly, which makes fitting them all together a real puzzle. If you’re planning on moving and you don’t feel like going through the hassle of packing, you might want to hire a full service packing and moving company in the Twin Cities metro area.

Full Service Packing for Local & Long-Distance Moves

Metro Movers is a full service moving company in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro that can perform packing services for your belongings to expedite your local or long-distance move. Our experienced professionals will take care to place all of your possessions in taped and clearly marked boxes, allowing for them to be conveniently moved with minimal risk of breakage. From dishes and glasses to TVs and computers, our Twin Cities movers will take care to make sure all of the items in your home are securely stored and ready for your big move.

Once everything is nicely packed, we can load it onto our trucks and transport it to your new home. We offer both long-distance and local moving services, so whether we’re moving your packed possessions to the next city over or five states away, you can count on us for exceptional full service moving.

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Professional packing is a crucial part of full service moving which can save you a lot of time and effort, as well as providing much-needed peace of mind. Get in touch with Metro Movers today if you’re in need of our packing or unpacking services in the greater Twin Cities area!

Packing FAQ's

At Metro Movers, our hard-working packers can pack up just about any of your belongings and load them on our moving trucks. We can pack your most fragile and valuable kitchenware with care so it won’t break in transit and we can pack up heavier belongings so that they won’t experience hazardous load shifts during the move. However, there are a few items that our movers in the Twin Cities area won’t pack due to safety concerns. These items include:

  • Chemicals, including pool cleaners, paints, fertilizers, anti-freeze, pesticides, nail polish, and lighter fluids. Chemicals are flammable and have a propensity to leak during load shifts, which can result in severe damage to both our moving trucks and your other belongings.
  • Propane tanks, since there is the possibility that they could explode during transit, with disastrous results for our other packed possessions and our moving trucks.
  • Any equipment with gasoline in it, such as snow blowers and lawnmowers. Again, the presence of gasoline on a moving truck creates a severe fire hazard. However, our movers can pack up gas-powered equipment on the condition that it is fully drained of gas.

If you have a lot of the aforementioned items that you were hoping to have loaded, don’t panic. While our Twin Cities movers won’t pack these hazardous items due to the associated safety concerns and liability, we would be happy to load them into your car as long as you’re willing to take the risk. If you’re not, we can offer advice on where to take hazardous chemicals for safe and responsible disposal before moving day arrives.

If you have more questions about what our packers will and won’t pack, give Metro Movers a call today to learn more about our packing services in the Twin Cities metro area!

Professional packing services can make the process of preparing for a move much easier. Packers are experts at placing items in boxes so that they will be safe and secure during the move. Most moving companies in the Twin Cities offer packing services in addition to moving services, for an additional fee. How much packing services will cost you depends on a few factors, including:

  • The number of items you want packed. Packing services are often charged by the hour, so the longer it takes to pack up everything you own, the more it will cost. As such, the cost to pack up all your belongings will probably be much higher if you’re moving out of a three-bedroom house than it will be if you’re moving out of a one-bedroom apartment.
  • Whether you want full-service packing or basic packing. Full-service packing is more expensive, but packers will go through the trouble of disassembling and carefully wrapping items before placing them in boxes. Basic packing services may be cheaper, but packers will not perform these extra steps, so you’ll have to take the time to do it yourself.
  • If you have many items that are challenging to pack. Valuables that are fragile or expensive and require special care to pack may result in additional fees for a packing service.

If you choose Metro Movers as your moving and packing company in the Twin Cities area, you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees that hike up the cost of our packing services. As part of our commitment to first class customer service, we’re transparent about the cost of our packing services. Contact us today for a free quote on how much our packing services will cost you!

When you’re planning a move and you begin researching professional movers in the Twin Cities, you may notice two different types of moving services being offered: full-service and self-service. The services offered by a full-service moving company and a self-service moving company vary significantly.

A full-service moving company is exactly what it sounds like: a company that offers the full range of services involved in moving. When you work with a full-service moving company in the Twin Cities, they’ll pack your belongings, load them onto the truck, move them to your new address, then unload and unpack your possessions in your new home. This conveniently prevents you from having to deal with all of the time-intensive physical labor and logistics.

A self-service moving company doesn’t provide most of the services offered by a full-service moving company. Self-service movers will usually only drive your packed and loaded belongings from your old home to your new home. However, you’ll have to pack up your valuables, load the moving truck, and then unload and unpack your belongings by yourself.

The main benefit of working with a full-service moving company in the Twin Cities is the convenience of having all the hard parts done for you. You won’t have to lift a finger to get moved out and you won’t have to stress out about unloading and unpacking everything when you get to your new residence. However, full-service moving also tends to be more expensive than self-service moving, so if you have a smaller number of possessions that you can manage with relative ease, this may be a better cost-effective option for you.

Get in touch with Metro Movers today if you’re in need of full-service moving services in the Twin Cities metro area!